Special Interest Group

Diploma in Infocomm Security Management, Singapore Polytechnic

About Us

We are a group of students who have strong passion for Information Security. Our primary goals are to plan and organise events to spark interest and provide a platform for students to practice and utilise the skills they have learnt.

Our Mission

Spark Interest

Further expose DISM students to the world of IT Security through technical hands-on events, talks by industry professionals and networking opportunities

Practical Application

Provides oppurtunities for students to practice what they learnt in class in a safe and controlled environment.

Upcoming Events

8 October 2018 - 12 October 2018

The third run of our annual in-house jeopardy-style Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, targetted at Year 1 and Year 2 DISM students, providing a platform for students to practice and hone their technical skills.

Featured Events

A jeopardy-style Capture the Flag (CTF) competition specially organised by the DISM Special Interst Group to expose DISM students to the world of cybersecurity.

Git Workshop

25 July 2018

A workshop conducted to expose students to the basic concept of utilizing a Version Control System such as Git to better manage source code for IT projects.